Little Book 2







750ml: 59.4%alc (118.8 proof)
USA Release
Bottler: Beam Suntory
Release Date: September 2018 (USA)
Recipe No: 29
Batch No: 2

Bottling Notes

We’re thrilled to include the Little Book Chapter 2 ‘Noe Simple Task’ on to our virtual shelves that is in stock and exclusively available here at The Old Barrelhouse.

Fittingly named “Noe Simple Task,” it’s a complex blended whiskey that took nearly twice as long to create than the inaugural Chapter 1 release, hence the name. This expression comes with a Canadian twist with the three components making up the blend: an 8-year-old Kentucky straight rye whiskey (at 119.8 proof), a 40-year-old Canadian whisky (at 137.8 proof) and a 13-year-old Canadian rye whisky (at 111.9 proof) all uncut and bottled at barrel strength.

As Master Distiller Freddie Noe comments:
“As the name implies, creating the newest blend was a long journey that really tested my skills as a blender. I needed to be very careful with the proportions to get the recipe just right. I created nearly 40 different blends before I finally decided that blend number 29 would become Little Book ‘Noe Simple Task.’ It took longer this go-around than it did for Little Book ‘The Easy,’ but in the end, all that hard work paid off and we landed on a one-of-a-kind whiskey I’m really proud of.”

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