EH Taylor Single Barrel






Multi-award-winning. Bottled-In-Bond

750ml: 100 Proof, 50%alc
Age: At least 4 years old
Region: Frankfort, Kentucky
Bottler: Buffalo Trace/OFCD
Cask: American Oak

Bottling Notes

The barrel selected for this single barrel bourbon whiskey comes from the heart of the climate-controlled aging Warehouse C, that was built by EH Taylor in 1885. The distillery still implements several innovative methods that EH Taylor perfected back in the day. Each barrel is hand-picked and Bottled in Bond at 100 proof to honour its namesake.

The bourbon whiskey is a Buffalo Trace product made from the very popular Mash #1 (speculated to be 75% corn, 10% rye, 15% barley) which is also used for bourbons such as Buffalo Trace, Eagle Rare 10, and Stagg Jr.

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