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Bourbon Shop was born from a Bourbon Lover’s desire to taste and know different kinds of whiskies in the most convenient and affordable way possible. Sometimes it isn’t wise to buy (or should we say invest?) a whole bottle of whisky that you are curious about or you wanted to try for a long time, but never been able to taste it before. It is possible that your expectations cannot be exceeded. So, for all whisky lovers just like us that are interested in tasting different bottles, brands and ages of whisky, we created Bourbon Shop. We truly believe this is a solution that makes it possible to taste different types of whisky without the long term compromise that a normal bottle involves.

Bourbon Shop has 3 types of monthly whisky  containing 4 original branded miniatures. That way you can fulfil your curiosity (and enrich your repertoire).


The Bourbon’s  Shop mission is, as been said before, deliver and provide to all whisky lovers with the opportunity to experience as many different brands and types of whisky as they like. That way more and more people will be able to taste whisky, even those very expensive brands, in an affordable and accessible way.



It is Bourbon Shop vision to be a reference in this sector, and to have a new approach to the way that consumers and brands interact. With the opportunity we provide, consumers will be more aware of the amount of amazing brands and manufacturing processes available. In the other hand, whisky brands have the chance to reach much more consumers, prospects and create a long time relationship with more consumers.


Choose for how many months you whish to receive our whisky supply service. You can choose a minimum of 1 month. 3 months, 6 or up to 12 months.


Next, provide us your location so we can ship you your whisky suppy. We ship worldwide but shipping costs may change depending your location.

Money Back

Finally, receive your whisky super at your doorsteps and delight yourself or share it with friends and familly!we will refund you is its your request whisky

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